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Sustainability is key

Small decisions and actions result in diminishing consumption of disposables, less resources used, less waste generated.
Straw by straw, Dolea can help you become sustainable and a step closer to your ESG goals.

Reducing the overall consumption
Everybody wants to reduce use of straws and other single-use items.
So let’s reduce! You only need one Dolea straw per drink.

Reducing use of raw materials
Everybody wants to reduce use of raw materials. Let's reduce!
Dolea straws need 40% less raw materials than 4-layer straws.
No glue used, only the monomaterial, wood fibre acquired from certified forests.

Reducing waste
Everybody wants to reduce packaging materials and unnecessary waste generated. So let’s reduce! 
Driving excess waste down drives extra costs down.

Recycle after use
By reducing waste generation through real world capability of recycling single-use products, Dolea straws enable circular economy on a global scale.

Sustainability is not a goal, but the way. Every day.

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