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Dolea straws introduced

Enabling circular economy
Dolea enables circular economy on a global scale by producing robust drinking straws that are safe and sustainable. Dolea will only supply customers with products made from raw materials fit for a circular economy taking us towards sustainable societies.

Customer experience is key
User friendly Dolea straws are safe for children and do not dissolve into a drink or mouth.
Dolea straws are suitable for all drinks, even hot drinks and alcoholic beverages. A single heat-sealed seam along the straw lowers the consumption of raw materials. With a robust straw you’ll have an enjoyable drinking experience and a fresh taste of your drink.

No stain on nature
After use, Dolea straws can be completely repulped and reused as highly valued recycled material and a genuine part of the circular economy. Together, let’s make the world a better place by taking into use the seventh resource, the recyclables.

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