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Sustainable straw | reducing waste | reducing consumption of straws


Robust and recyclable drinking straw

Dolea enables circular economy on a global scale

by producing drinking straws that are safe and sustainable.

Dolea straws reduce the use of raw materials and waste.

Dolea straws are sturdy and safe to use

as they contain no added chemicals, like glue or resins.

Dolea straws reduce the overall consumption of straws as you only need straw for a drink.

Dolea manufactures patented straw machines

for converters all over the globe.


Sustainable brand experience

Dolea straws are user friendly and safe to use. 
Dolea straws contain zero glue or resins and are suitable for all drinks, including hot drinks and alcoholic beverages.
Dolea straws enable circular economy and will soon be on everybody’s lips, all over the world – leaving no stain on ocean or land.

Moomin brand license straws
Moomin brand license straws


Safety first

Dolea straws are suitable for all drinks, even hot drinks and alcoholic beverages. A single seam along the straw gives you an even flow of your drink. Robust Dolea straws do not have any glue or resins in them. You’ll have a safe drinking experience and a fresh taste of your drink.


Brand marketing made personal

Dolea technology enables fully printable drinking straws with limitless possibilities for branding and promotional purposes.
Intimate and personal, no other brand touch point gets in the mouth of the customer.

Dolea soft drink straws, safe and sustainable
Dolea smoothie straws, safe and sustainable


No stain on ocean or land

Dolea straws are recyclable in existing systems, leaving no remains on land or ocean. If not recycled, Dolea straws take about the same time as a maple leaf to decompose. Single seam means reduced material consumption by 25%.


Enabling circular economy

Dolea straws, made out of paperboard, can be recycled as paper waste according to PAP 21 standard.
After use, Dolea straws can be completely repulped and
reused as highly valued recycled material and
a genuine part of the circular economy.


Unique paper straw machine

Did you know, Dolea manufactures not only the best recyclable drinking straws in the world, but patented machinery

for drinking straw production, too?

Dolea straw machine is labor efficient and easy to use.

Dolea M250e is a very compact machine, making it easy to locate in your production facilities and floor plan.

A production cluster of two or more machines can be run by very few operators, scaling the production output with considerable ease.

Dolea straw machine enables circular economy and

sustainable business of manufacturing user friendly drinking straws.

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Custom printable Dolea straw

Dolea featured on Dutch TV, Dec 2021

Dolea featured in De Barometer on RTL Z, in Netherlands.

In 2018, Inspired by news Her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth II had banned the use of plastic single use straws in her court, the inventor of Dolea product, Mr. Mika Salomäki, embarked on a journey towards a future less plastic.
Dolea Ltd was founded and the development of straws was started. Soon we realized the Dolea straws feature competitive advantages unmatched by none.

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