zero glue straws



Dolea Ltd. from Finland

enables circular economy by manufacturing

sustainable drinking straws, that are both RECYCLABLE and BIODEGRADABLE.

Dolea straws contain

no additional ingredients, like glue.

Zero glue in your mouth.






Recycled within circular economy as paper waste

Renewable wood fiber material is the most ecological choice for Dolea drinking straw. Dolea’s virgin material can be recycled as fiber in a conventional paper recycling process according to PAP 21 standard. It can be completely repulped and reused as highly valued recycled material and a genuine part of the circular economy.

No stain on nature

Dolea straw is biodegradable, leaving no remains on land or ocean. Both the base fiber material as well as the coating of the board are compostable. If not recycled, Dolea straws take about the same time a maple leaf to biodegrade.


Custom printable

Dolea technology enables fully printable drinking straws with limitless possibilities for branding, promotional and entertaining purposes.


The straws are a brand marketing tool, a modern marketing media closer to the consumer than anything else.


No other brand touch point gets in the mouth of the customer.


Become a Dolea partner


Local production, global effect.


Dolea is looking for partners to both manufacture under license and distribute the original patented Dolea straws locally.


Please contact us to discuss co-operation!


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