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Safe and Sustainable Dolea straws


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Some of our customers within foodservice industry

KESKO logo

Dolea straws are sold in K-group's grocery store chains K-Citymarket, K-Supermarket and K-Market under PIRKKA brand.

MAXburger logo

Dolea straws are the straw of choice for MAX Burger, Sweden's favourite hamburger restaurant chain, tha tvalues sustainability and great food

Rolls logo

ROLLS is a chain of some 100 restaurants, that serve great food out of domestic produce and value "Made in Finland".

Foodservice wholesale

Some of our customers within foodservice industry


Kespro is a food wholesaler owned by Kesko. Kespro provides Finland's largest wholesale range for the foodservice sector.

Hartwall logo is a web shop for foodservice professionals.


Whether you run a restaurant, a café, a store, an office, a workshop, or any other type of business, you can find everything you need with us.

Valio AIMO logo

Valio Aimo® is a versatile and better partner for the food industry professionals.

pamarkgroup logo

Pamark specialzes in assisting HoReCa and health care professionals with the best products.

helsinki foodstock logo


Foodstock is an agile and responsible procurement and logistics partner for food service companies of all sizes.

PAC logo

Pac, a leader in the Nordics in consumption solutions,

has the products, logistics and expertise to solve customers' needs for disposable and consumable items.

martin&servera logo

Martin & Servera is Sweden’s leading restaurant and catering specialist.

gude logo

Gude GmbH is major wholesaler of paperproducts, offering logistics and packaging solutions in Germany.


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